Let me start off with a clean slate by making my first confession.  I do not actually have cancer. I have one of those poor cousins that no one has ever heard of called Amyloidosis. Even though this may not seem relevant to anything, I feel I have to explain because I am working on the Cancer Project, and I wouldn’t want you to think I was trying to get away with anything. I still get to go to the chemo unit atPrincessMargaretHospital inToronto even though I’m not official.

“The goal of the Cancer Project is to offer a unique, multi-perspective look at cancer in a readable and accessible book.  An anthology of creative works including such formats as stories, poems, comics, or art work by the Princess Margaret Hospital Community will be published both as a resource for the cancer community and as a stand-alone excellent read.  Cancer is experienced by a whole community of people from patients and caregivers to health care providers and hospital service staff. This book will offer a juried, creative platform to hear these voices. All proceeds from the book will be directed toPrincessMargaretHospital. “

That’s the official version. The unofficial version is that I want to see a book that is different from anything else out there. There are many excellent testimonials and self-help books out there already.  I want this to be a collection of works that shares real voices, perhaps humorous, perhaps poignant, maybe even irreverent.  My hope is  that it will appeal both to patients struggling to make sense of their illness and to someone like Oprah who just wants a really good read.

This blog will give me a chance to build momentum around this project, to bounce ideas off of the blogging universe, and to share some of the excellent resources I have found.

I look forward to hearing about ideas that may help move this project forward.  If you have a pertinent skill and would like to be involved, let me know! We are a volunteer team putting this together and would welcome help – editors, designers,  marketing folks. Also if you think you have an idea for an entry, keep your eyes out for details on where to send it.


Sam Albert

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