The caregiver’s perspective

There is a beautiful book called “The Radiation Sonnets: For My Love in Sickness and in Health” by Jane Nolen. She writes beautiful poems from the eyes of the caregiver, one for each day of radiation.  I wanted to put one of her poems on the blog for you all to admire. As a patient, it is very moving to hear the voice of the caregiver. I am very excited about including many different perspectives in this book. I think it will provide a rich, layered perspective on cancer.



Off you go again, like a toddler to school,

In a neighbor’s car for a noonday ride;

Free at last from the tyrant’s rule,

Free of the house where there’s nowhere to hide.

And here I stay, feeling guilty and lost,

Feeling scared and panicked, yet glad you’ve gone.

The caregiver rarely counts her own costs;

Even more rarely is she left alone.

I hold you close, and I push you away,

Dream of funerals and letting go.

But it’s for miracles I pray each day,

While working hard to make it so.

Then, like any mother nervously at home,

I stand watch at the window until you come

by Jane Yolen copyright 2003

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