Princess Margaret Hospital Frequent Flyer

If there was such a thing, I would have an executive membership at Princess Margaret Hospital, one of those perks for frequent visitors.   Perhaps if this special VIP status was conferred there would be a special lounge in which to wait for my chemo  and I would be able to jump the queue by flashing my little gold card. Instead of fruit drinks in plastic packaging and soda crackers, I would be served fresh squeezed out of a pitcher and croissants. I could get a manicure and neck massage while waiting and have the New York Times brought to my cozy chair.

While there is no VIP  lounge, there are many wonderful things about Princess Margaret, aside from the fact that it is one of the premier cancer hospitals in Canada, if not the world. It is bright and airy and there is a glass elevator which makes going up to the chemo unit lots of fun. The doctors, nurses and staff are truly phenomenal and it is very rare that I meet someone who is not going out of there way to help. If I  have to go to a hospital, Princess Margaret is a lucky place to be.

My hope is that this book will raise some money to help keep the wheels turning in this place, that means so much to so many.

Now about those croissants…..


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