Princess Margaret Vignettes

While this book may not end up being limited to the Princess Margaret Hospital Community, I do hope to celebrate this wonderful hospital and the amazing care I have had there. I thought I would start a series of blogs called Princess Margaret Vignettes.  They may just be little bites of stories either about a memorable individual at the hospital or about an event that happened there. I hope that many people will contribute to these.

Here’s the first one. Forgive me if it’s a bit on the schmaltzy side, but every word is true.

Caroline works at the PMH outpatient pharmacy and was responsible for making sure that a specific medication was ready for me. She would go through Herculean efforts every month to co-ordinate bloodwork, orders from the doctor and my schedule to ensure I had the drugs when I needed them – all with a smile.  The first Christmas after I began on the drug, I went to drop off a small present. I was prepared to drop and run, but I had to wait until she went to retrieve my exquisite hand-made Christmas card. I was in awe  – I should be giving to her, not the other way around.

Every Christmas after that I received one of these gems. Then I was taken off this medication and would no longer be using the PMH pharmacy. I went to say goodbye to Caroline and thank her for everything.

That following Christmas, I received a letter from an unknown address. I opened it to find one of Caroline’s cards. I felt like I was part of a very special club with a lifetime membership. It was a true gift indeed.


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