Pill organizers

Put up your hand if you have one of those pill organizers for arranging your weekly medication. Cancer patients often have numerous pills, to be taken more than once a day. There is the primary medication, the pills for the side effects and the ones for the side effects of the side effect medication.

Every week I spend a about 1/2 an hour sorting my little pills as if it was the game “bejeweled”. Taking pills is part of my daily ritual. Once when my son was about six or seven he was given a box of tic tacs. When I pulled out my pills, he pulled out his tic tacs and began to swallow them in just the way I swallow my pills. Of all the behaviors I would like to model for my son, pill taking does not top the list.

This is where the relationship with the pharmacist is paramount. I mentioned my hero Caroline at Princess Margaret in an earlier posting. In Straford I go to George who owns an independent pharmacy. George has a following and when I discover other people in town who go to his pharmacy we have a little George lovefest. (When you spend as much time as I do at the pharmacy, who your pharmacist is makes a big difference.)

What are your  pill  stories?


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