P.S. Doctor’s poetry

After sending out the last entry about doctor’s I found the following site:



If you type “poetry” in the search engine, a pile of links come up to poetry by cancer caregivers. Here’s an example of one of the poems below:

I Wish I Could

I wish I could do better

Run my hand over the lump

And make it disappear

Touch the x-ray with my finger

And make the liver normal

Look at the lab results

And make the PSA come down.

I wish I could do better.

But my chemotherapy

Makes you lose your hair

All the Procrit in the pharmacy

Cannot make your cheek rosy.

I cannot take away the pain

That Neulasta causes you.

Or when I give you the CT results.

I wish I could do better.

But I can promise you

That I will treat you with all my ability

I will ask others, when I need to

Keep up with latest research

Be as aggressive as you would want me to

But yet, tell you when it is time to let go

I will remember you in my heart forever

I know I will do better.

Ajay Dar, MD, 2007





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