Introducing Maggie!

While I have been the “face” of this project on the blog, I am actually working on the book project with an excellent team. I have asked each of the other team members to write an introduction for the blog, so that you can get to know them. Hopefully, they will become regular contributors. Today you get to meet the wonderful Maggie Distasi.



Hello all, I’m Maggie.  I am a five-year survivor of relapsed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and a much longer-term survivor of life in general.  While cancer treatment was challenging for me, I am so grateful to say that I have used my experience to learn who I am and what is really important to me in life; that is, our relationships with ourselves and others, along with how we can help ourselves live healthy and meaningful lives.  These themes guide me along my own journey and provide direction when needed.

I first met Sam on She expressed her interest in collaborating on a creative writing project about cancer, and I responded enthusiastically.  I have benefitted from journaling and blogging myself, and was keen to connect with a peer that shared my appreciation for this type of writing.  I read Sam’s article in the ‘Facts and Arguments’ section of the Globe and Mail and was instantly impressed by her voice and perspective on her own experience with amyloidosis (a cancer “cousin”, as she puts it).

Not long afterwards, I had the pleasure of meeting Sam in person.  She told me more about her idea for collecting and publishing creative works from patients, healthcare staff, even the hotdog vendors who work outside of various hospitals – anyone who is touched by cancer at all and wants to share their thoughts creatively.  I loved the concept, and I know Sam is serious about making this happen.  I’m inspired by her drive to partner with others and see this through, and delighted about supporting her vision along the way!


Maggie DiStasi

Cancer Survivor & Professional Coach


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