Introducing Nour!

Hi all,

I promised you the third member of our troublemaking triumvirate.  I present to you the bright and lovely Nour.


Welcome, all! My name is Nour and I am a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and have earned a double major focusing on the life sciences, particularly the health sciences.

Like Maggie, I first came to know about Sam and her fabulous project on I was immediately excited and eager to meet with her and learn more. I have used writing and creative expression (namely blogging) to help me deal with disordered eating, and the whirlwind of lab tests and other uncomfortable hospital visits that come with being investigated for cancer. And while I can take a deep sigh of relief and say that I am cancer free physically, cancer has not been far away. I have seen one of my dearest mentors battle leukemia twice over, and a few family members too. Cancer taught me a great lesson that I should never take life for granted, and sometimes a hug is all you need to make someone smile. It’s the little things.

I’m excited to work with Sam and Maggie, amongst others I’m sure, on this project.

Until next time,


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