Contest time

I decided it was time to have a contest for you faithful blog followers.

As I mentioned, I have had to develop a variety of responses to people who make the mistake of thinking my big liver is a baby.  My hope is either to divert them from the topic or to make them feel better if I decide to tell them the truth. I’ve listed some of my favorite responses below, but after 11 years I am desperate for some new ones. I look forward to the creative output of this group. The winner will get (drum roll please) a banana split!

Here are my standards:

1. Well, you know, too much beer….

2. This is probably the most impressive liver you will ever see. It has been marvelled at by doctors. One day this liver might be famous and you can say you knew it “when”.

3.You know I have perfected “the pose” (holding my back, sticking my belly out, doing a little waddle) to get a seat on the bus or to cross a busy street.

4. “Oh, I’m not due for a little while (vaguely mumble this part). Do you have children? Oh grandchildren! Do tell me about them. ” (A sure-fire technique to move the attention away from me).

5. “This is one of the longest pregnancies you could imagine.”

6. “Is that Justin Beiber over there?” (I haven’t actually used this one yet, but it’s in my back pocket just waiting for the right time)

Send your entry in as a comment to the blog.

Thanks for your help!


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