Creativity and innovation

Today I lucked out and found the most marvellous blog. The blog is called The Creative Practice

The woman who runs it, Kira Campo, seems to be focused on creativity as something to be cultivated in everyone in order to foster innovation and innovative solutions to problems.

Her blog is exciting for me on many levels. As  someone who is engaged in the creative process, I appreciate the idea that this time spent creating is not only about my outcomes, but about how I develop as a person through the process of creation. By engaging in the creative process, according to Campo,  I am developing skills that help me to  respond to change, problem solve and innovate.

Her work makes me excited about the fact that we are taking a creative approach to this book. It has me feeling that the potential ripple effects of this project are, perhaps, bigger than I had originally anticipated.

I don’t want to repackage her words. Just go check out the blog!


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