Waiting and waiting and waiting….sigh

I’m  ensconced at the chemo unit after a morning of mix-ups and “he saids” and “she saids”.  It’s hard not to get frustrated when someone’s goof  up means two extra hours of waiting and running around trying to get the necessary permissions to get the drug you need.

I keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that I don’t have to put money out of pocket for this service and I am lucky to be here in this day and age when this drug is available. Finally getting to eat my lunch helps.

Fortunately I do not feel terrible or it would make this wait much more tortuous. I feel for the patients who get caught in these kinds of mix-ups or long waits who just feel terrible and would be better off lying on a bed somewhere.

On the train, if your train is more than a designated amount of time late, you are compensated with a free ticket. Maybe they should have a voucher system in the hospital. If you have to wait more than an hour past your appointed time, you get so many dollars in coupons at the Tim Horton’s downstairs (or at the gourmet coffee cart that I envision living in every clinic). As this money adds up, there will be a greater financial incentive to work out the hiccups that lead to delays.

There, why doesn’t the government ever consult me about these things.


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