Sausages and sick people

Today I met marvelous Marianne, the queen of the street carts in front of Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto. Run, don’t walk, to get one of her (preservative free) wild boar sausages with sauted onions, cranberry relish and horseradish. Divine.

When I first conceived of this project I focused primarily on the experience of patients. When my husband told me of a CBC story about the hot dog vendor outside of Princess Margaret, it was as if a light went on. This book could be something much bigger and more profound than just the patients’ point of view. What would a hot dog vendor reveal about her experience in seeing cancer patients day after day? How rich the book would become if we widened the circle to include the many people who have a connection to cancer. Thus Marianne, without even knowing it, has played an important role in this project.

It took me six months to actually look up the CBC show and that is how I discovered Marianne – not only providing amazing street food (within less than amazing by-law conditions), but building community one sausage at a time. I can’t believe I walked by that stand for the last 11 years.

Take a look at her website and see all of the cool things she is doing.

In speaking to her today, she talked about seeing cancer patients when they are sick and then later how wonderful it is when they come back to show off their recovery to her. She told me she has many stories from her time as a food vendor. I think her problem in submitting something for the book will be sifting through the multitude of stories gathered over the last 17 years to find the one she wants to tell. We can’t wait.

The story grows!


ps – you really should go and eat at Marianne’s cart. mmmmm

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