A full dance card

If you have a disease which affects multiple systems in your body or a complex illness , then you probably have a busy medical life.

Every time I see my principal doctor, I get a printout of my itinerary. Between treatment appointments, diagnostic tests and seeing the hematologist, liver doctor, kidney doctor, heart doctor, bone density doctor plus my gp, my dance card is pretty full. I could really use an agent to do my booking.

I feel well loved by my team of doctors, why else would they want to see me so often? I feel important , a woman on the run, places to see, needles to get, doctors to wait for. Who needs a career?

I think I hear another poem coming. Something about “ten cents a dance/my card is full/no wallflower am I /In such demand/ my feet grow weary…. Stay tuned for the rest

What does your dance card look like?


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