Ultra Sounds reinvented as online forum

Ultra Sounds is transforming. 

We have made the decision to exploit the online potential of this forum in order to grow the creative conversation between people affected by cancer.

Up until now, we have been hoarding entries in anticipation of the jury process for the book.  Why wait? We want to share the creative works as we receive them as a way of generating discussion and inspiring new creations.  Send us your creative works any time. We will post one per week on the blog. If your work does not make it on in a given week, fear not, it will likely make it on in another week.

Send your submissions to ultrasoundscreativity@gmail.com. We are looking for creative works (poems, prose, art, photos, cartoons and videos) by anyone connected to cancer,  be they patient, caregiver, health care provider, medical technician or even the food vendor outside the cancer hospital. If you feel a connection, share your story.

Ultra Sounds: An Online Forum for  Creative Exploration of the Cancer Experience.

How will you tell your story?

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