Ultra Sounds Monday

What better way to start the week than with a creative work in your inbox. Today’s contribution is from Donna Trussell, a writer and cartoonist who has escaped from ovarian cancer. You can find more of her work at donnatrussell.com. Donna has previously published this poem, but offered it up for us for this project. I liked it so much that it inspired a poem of my own.


Madame Monet:
Woman With a Parasol

by Donna Trussell

You are 28 and you know
nothing of illness now
as you stand in tall grass and yellow

wildflowers.  Behind you
a brilliant blue sky, white clouds
and your young son.

Your skirt swirls
as though you suddenly turned
to face the artist

casting a shadow at your feet.
Did he say something?
Or did you hear

someone say: Don’t move.
Cancer will soon engulf you.
Stay in that meadow.  I will join you.

One thought on “Ultra Sounds Monday

  1. Jim Barnes says:

    I really like the images in this one. It captures the innocence and beauty that fools us into believing we are immortal until we are engulfed–and yet, she is immortal in the painting. Thanks.

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