Princess Margaret Vignette #3

After all of my belly aching, Princess Margaret has finally done it: a waiting room supreme at the new outpatient chemo unit ! I wrote this entry in the unit and hoped that they would not call me in too soon because I was enjoying myself so much.

Imagine walking into a reception area with three, count them three people all waiting to attend on you. Once you have checked in, you are given a beeper, that apparently actually works anywhere in the hospital. If you choose to hang around, however, there are three different waiting areas, plus a renovated mezzanine looking out over the indoor courtyard.

One of the three rooms is a conventional type waiting room with comfy chairs, an electric fireplace and a tv that can only be seen from part of the room.

A second room  looks like a little cafe with different kinds of tables, a water machine (not coffee, but still not bad), an electric fireplace and a shelf with reading material.

The third room has a computer for patients to use as well as three other work stations if you have brought your own. I write this from one of the work stations.

The whole thing almost feels like a Starbucks – much friendlier and practical than any other waiting room I visit in Toronto. There was definitely some creative and thoughtful design involved here. Kudos to Princess Margaret!

Except……a wonderful waiting room can only help for so long when the wait goes on………………..and on…………………….and on…………


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