Ultra Sounds Monday, December 26, 2011

I decided to use the holiday season as an excuse to post one of my own poems. I wrote this poem as a reflection on a “normal” life when so much of my life is far from normal. Enjoy.

Get excited about next Monday because at long last we will be hearing from the hot dog lady. Tell your friends!



The Everyday joy of folding laundry

by Samantha Albert

Switch of the wrists,

Shake out the t-shirt


Slightly wrinkled,

Not exactly a work of art

Symmetry has never been my strong point

I’ve never been able to cut a potato into evenly sized pieces

My laundry has cleanliness on its side,

A very satisfying feature

To see stacks of clean laundry

Even if it all looks slightly rumpled

Laundry is something you can accomplish,

You can control

You can finish

(at least for a day)

When life begins to feel unpredictable,

On shaky ground

When the future is not going to be the future that you had planned

And you don’t know yet what it will hold

Laundry can be so comforting

So tangible

So normal

Pass me another t-shirt.

One thought on “Ultra Sounds Monday, December 26, 2011

  1. I need to get more poetic and philosophical about my laundry!
    Thanks for this poem to remind me that even the mundane can, with very little effort, be beautiful…

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