Knitted Knockers

When I was nine I belonged to a knitting club at school and made a doll and a doll’s dress. Imagine if they had had us making these….

Check out Knitted Knockers – a creative substitute for a breast prosthesis.

I salute the woman who had the thoughtfulness and creativity to invent these.


Here are a few more stories about creative knitters:

This is a story about Susan Anderson, a liver cancer patient who not only used knitting to help her cope with her illness, but also invented beautiful new patterns for a book while undergoing treatment. that particular hat is called “Colorwork Creations” and has some amazing looking patterns for hats and gloves. You can find the book at Amazon among other places.


This crafting website has a crafting community focused on breast cancer. Some pretty cool crafts, mostly textile work.;sa=showtopics;tag=breast_cancer_awareness



One thought on “Knitted Knockers

  1. Marianne says:

    Great article and I can imagine how great is is for a woman to have knitted boob as another option. Congratulations to all the women who are knitting knockers and to all the women who wear them. Wonderful.

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