Creative Metal

Today I saw my good friend Sandra and I had to write about her. She is muscular, calm, capable and kind. She is also a blacksmith. I stood enchanted today in her workshop and watched the wonders that she and her business partner Steve, work into metal. Magical creeping branches, crazy wild flowers, and a giant copper pomegranate that is going to serve on a catholic altar. Her shop is full of metal and tools, fire and wood and, perched here and there, bits of branches, driftwood and dried out flowers. Sandra and Steve often use nature as their model to craft amazingly alive pieces of metal art.

Blacksmithing, to me, is unlike many other creative arts in that along with technique and creativity, you need power and strength. How satisfying it must be to be able to take what appears to be solid metal and beat it into your creative vision. How differently you must look at each creative work when you have, literally, sweat for it.  I wonder if any those therapeutic art programs have ever considered blacksmithing?

If you want to check out Sandra and Steve’s work go to



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