The throne

I  don’t know about other cancer patients, but the drugs I get to take have one kind of effect or another on my digestive system. Because of this  little side effect, I end up spending many an hour in the bathroom.  I imagine my son one day telling stories about me to his children and saying “Oh, yeah, my mother, she was around, but she was always in the bathroom.”

Today I was reflecting that I since I am there so much, I could use some creative sprucing up of my bathroom to make my time in there more exciting. Why settle for the ho hum? I did a little searching and found some unusual bathrooms from around the world. Enjoy!





Save time and bank while you sit.




The largest restroom in the world – four stories, over 1000 toilets in the Southwestern Chinese City of  Chongking.  Worth the trip to China.




Now you will never have to leave your game.




Make it a religious experience.




Why waste time having to leave your office.




Rube Goldberg would be proud.




Pee, if you dare.




These are bathroom pods at the Sketch restaurant in London, England. Apparently they speak to you too.






This restroom is in the John Michael Kohler Arts Centre in Wisconsin.





This is a “pop-up” toilet called the Urilift, made in the U.K.   You can send it down during the day or when not needed and bring it out when bar patrons are most likely to be roaming the city. Three people at a time can use this.






This public toilet is in front of London’s Tate Britain Gallery. You can see out through the semi-transparent glass, but no one can see in (you hope). London seems to be a hotbed of creative bathroom design.





The Vertebrae vertical bathroom. Everything you could need in one module.





This bathroom is located at Bar 89 in New York City. The doors use liquid crystals which can somehow become opaque when the customer is inside the stall.





From the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower in Seattle, each bathroom stall has an incredible view of the city’s skyline.





This is a bathroom ad for Georgia Max Coffee in Japan






This Japanese toilet is my favorite. Sit in an aquarium and imagine you are at the bottom of the sea.

Read more:

The World’s 18 Strangest Bathrooms – Design and Architecture Bathrooms – Popular Mechanics

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