Making more music in the chemo unit

The other day I had Michael as my chemo nurse. After all the time I’ve been coming, I’ve never had Michael as my nurse even though I’ve met him and his great sense of humour several times. While he got me set up, he asked me how many times I’ve been to the chemo unit to receive this drug. I was dumbfounded to realize that I was almost at 100 visits.

They have  a bell that you get to ring when you are finally discharged from your chemo. What happens if I am never discharged? In fact, if I am discharged it will not be because I am cured, but because the drug has stopped working. So I don’t think I will ever get to ring that wonderful bell.  I think they should have a second bell. A bell not for the people leaving, but for the lifers like me. Every time you hit a milestone like your 100th visit, you would get to ring the bell.

Or maybe it shouldn’t be a bell. it’s not exactly a celebration, but it’s not exactly bad news either. If you’re still “vertical” that’s the good news. But you’re still going to the chemo unit, so that’s the not so good news. Maybe something that sounds like a duck would be a good compromise. Whenever you hear a quack coming from the chemo unit you will clap for the tenacity of that patient.

And what about something for the spouses and families of the patients. They should get to ring something too as they’ve been walking on this path along with the patient. Maybe they should get a car horn to honk – after all they probably end up doing lots of the driving.

Oh, the chemo unit could become an even more musical place if I have my way.


One thought on “Making more music in the chemo unit

  1. Marianne says:

    Sam, you made me laugh with this one. You are right there could be a lot of noise making coming from the Chemo Lab. 100 treatments girl you are tough. May you receive a MIRACLE.

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