Ultra Sounds Monday, January 23, 2012

Ah, you are in for a treat today. Luma R. Brieuc, a henna artist from Montreal, has submitted some photos. Luma’s work was featured a little while ago in a posting about head art.

As Luma writes to me:

I started getting henna crowns requests several years ago through my henna business and
when I was approached by Frances Darwin,— founder of Henna Heals— about
back in 2010 to collaborate on her project, I knew we were using our creative
talents to help people in a special way, particularly women who were going through cancer
and who needed to feel beautiful regardless of the transformation their bodies were going through.

The photos HotHeads 01-02-03 were taken in Spring 2011 in Toronto, at the Henna Heals
workshop where I was training a few henna-artists on how to do henna crowns.
I myself, live in Montreal (6 hours away). The original design is by me, and the henna artwork
was done by three talented henna-artists on 3 lovely women who were going through chemo and radiotherapy.
They generously accepted to serve as our henna muses for the day.

You can find more of Luma’s work here and here

I wish I had known about Luma when I lost my own hair. Imagine walking around with a gorgeous henna crown on your head – who could feel miserable then?



3 thoughts on “Ultra Sounds Monday, January 23, 2012

  1. Marianne says:

    Incredible and beautiful.

  2. suntrees says:

    This is wonderful! Such a great idea.


  3. […] Content: This is an excellent blog: Both an excellent idea, and fantastic realization of that idea. Part diary, part support group, part artistic lens for the experience, this site features Sam’s words, including an update from the chemo unit every Tuesday, and occasional art, but it also derives a great deal of content from others living with cancer. Photography, painting, poetry, stories and comics can be found in the archives of the site, which updates with new content regularly. Readers are encouraged to submit their own content to be featured on the site, and much of it is fascinating. I really liked this blog, and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone struggling with health issues, adversity, or who just enjoys seeing other people reacting to mortal challenges with class and poise. I would go so far as referring to it as inspirational. I particularly enjoyed this post. […]

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