A creative family

Some families seem to have a concentration of creativity. I have stumbled upon a wonderfully creative family who excel in a multitude of ways. Yet each of them has carved out her own style of writing and art that is distinct from the others.    I have truly enjoyed gazing at and reading their work and eking out the bits of their story that they are generous enough to reveal on their sites.

Viola Moriarty is an artist and poet with metastatic breast cancer. Her work stands alone as incredibly beautiful, but seeing glimpses of her story, makes looking at her work an especially poignant experience. You can find her amazing art work and poetry here. 

One daughter, Anna Moriarty Lev is a writer,artist and cartoonist who has written some sharp and touching cancer cartoons based on her mother’s illness. You can see her cartoons and other work  here.

Then there is a second daughter, Phoebe, who is also a writer and  artist (and farmer, I think). View her blog here

I came away from viewing these sites feeling as if I had just had an afternoon visit with a lovely group of kindred spirits, perhaps over something yummy to eat. I bet they cook too. Grab yourself a cup of tea and go for a visit.


One thought on “A creative family

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