Weaving a network

As this little blog grows, what strikes me is how different people are being woven into the conversation here at Ultra Sounds. My hope is that soon we can create a forum where you can interact with each other. I would love to see the conversation become multi-dimensional.

On this note, I just reconnected with a dynamic woman from my past named June Holley. June is from Appalachian Ohio and is the mother of networking. She has an amazing ability to bring together people and watch them take off together in successful collaborations. June used to work for an organization called the Appalachian Centre for Economic Networks (ACEnet). Through her many years there, she experimented in all sorts of ways to see what factors foster and enhance networks. She now brings her expertise to work with organizations all over the world.

Her new title is  network weaver which she defines in the following way:

A Network Weaver is someone who is aware of the networks around them and explicitly works to make them healthier (more inclusive, bridging divides). 

Check out her site at http://www.networkweaver.blogspot.com/ if you are at all interested in how people come together in successful ways and some of the “science” of networks. She is prolific in documenting her experiences and astute observations.


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