Art for Cancer Foundation Art Show


The Lady In Blue by Jyne Greenley – from the ART For Cancer Foundation art show



I was able to attend the ART for Cancer Foundation art show opening last Friday night at Toronto City Hall. It was very exciting to see my painting framed and the accompanying poem in print. Sadly I did not get a picture for you all to see.

Taken as a whole there was a tremendous body of work there. The stories represented at the show were powerful and often sad. At the same time, each of them had a component of joy as expressed through the art work. People who had never done anything creative found that they had an unexpected creative muse lying in wait. Others who had already been creating found tremendous comfort and healing from continuing with their efforts.

Walking through and breathing in these stories was an intense experience, but, I also felt, a hopeful one. As if the power of the art could transcend the illness.

The ART for Cancer foundation has many new workshops and events coming up. Do go and check out their site.



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