Writing resources

As I immerse myself in my own writing , I have sought out resources to help me develop my craft. I thought I’d share with you some of my finds.

A few months ago I told you about Sue Healy’s blog called Craft Tips for Writers.  I like her writing and find her blog entries useful and entertaining. She muses about writing in a thoughtful manner.

Live, Write, Thrive is another blog that I’m enjoying more each day. The author, C.S. Lakin, provides some wonderful grammar advice, discussions on the shape of a book (eg. she’s taken quite a lot of time on the first page and the first sentence) and poses challenging questions to the group. I look forward to receiving her postings each day.

I just joined The Creative Penn: Helping you write, publish and sell your book. It’s early days, but when I turned to it yesterday, the first page I saw was an excellent posting on writing memoirs. Her blog is on the top 10 list of blogs for writers.

I’ve also joined a group moderated by Janet Reid, Literary Agent. This is an entertaining blog that is packed with information on writing and publishing.

I know there are many more excellent resources out there. Feel free to share yours.



3 thoughts on “Writing resources

  1. Ultra Sounds says:

    One of my facebook followers, Jacky from the Netherlands, added this link. it looks like a great writing resource:

    I’ve only read one post, but I think I’m already in love

  2. A-Ling says:

    The abilities to read and write take basic concentration and cognitive thinking. I experienced the total lost of attention to read, to concentrate on anything (it was very fearful), no more than 3 sentences I was unable to stay awake, unable to remember what I read. Illnesses gave us a second chance to look at life from a much different view, an improved view.

    A very helpful psychiatrist recommended me a book to read, a very insightful book “What We Know So Far Wisdom Among Women” complied and edited by Beth Benatovich. I read this book many times slowly but at least I read. Each time the same stories in this book are new stories to me.

    On the cover page of this book, it says “An Inspiring Collection of Interviews with Twenty-five Extraordinary Women Who Are Riding The Wave of Middle Age and Beyond with Courage and Confidence.” – Kirkus Reviews.

    Sam, you are definitely beyond with Courage and Confidence even you aren’t close to middle age. I feel your infinite energy in sharing your talents is worth celebrating. I feel together you and Beth Benatovich will come up an inspiring book.

    I keep trying at the pace of my ability each day. It took me at least 1.5hr to write up this reply, totally worth it.

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