The Reading Room

I haven’t shared any books lately, here are a few to consider:

Elaine’s Circle: A Teacher, a Sudent, a Classroom and one Unforgettable Year by Bob Katz

This story is about a remarkable teacher in Alaska and the community she created in her classroom. This community became very important the year that one of the students was diagnosed with and ultimately died of a brain tumour. It sounds sad, but I actually found it an uplifting book about the power of community.

Most of me: Surviving my Medical Meltdown by Robyn Michele Levy

Most of me chronicles Levy’s experience of being diagnosed first with Parkinson’s Disease and then, eight months later, with breast cancer. She can be bitingly funny as she tackles her “diverse disease portfolios”.

Bearing Up with Cancer: Life, and living with – Dr. Annie Smith

I haven’t read this one, but was intrigued by the description on Amazon:

“Bearing up with Cancer chronicles the life of Annie Smith and her battle with cancer. An honest, intimate and humourous book about a vivacious woman who taped chocolate bars to her abdomen as an energy source for her surgical team.”





2 thoughts on “The Reading Room

  1. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for recommending my book! I love your description — bitingly funny — made me smile!
    Drop by my blog anytime!

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