Looking good

One of the perks of having a serious illness is that I often receive comments such as:

“Wow, you’re really looking good”

“You really are looking great!”

I might be in sweat pants, have greasy hair and have bad breath and I still get this feedback.

These comments are often made with a tone of surprise, as if I really should not be looking this good.The surprise may be due to expectations about how a sick person “should” look. Or perhaps I looked so bad for a period of time, that the contrast now is unmistakable. Either way I enjoy the comments as they come.

Of course, I’m not usually quite sure how to respond. If I say “Oh, you’re really looking good too” am I implying there is a reason that they should not be looking good? Or am I implying that they didn’t look good before?  Or should I just say thank you and bask in looking good?

And should I start worrying if people stop telling me how good I look? If they look at me with furrowed brows and a concerned air should I rush off to the doctor and get my blood tests done? Or should I just assume that I’ve been looking good for so long that people now take it for granted?

Or perhaps I don’t really look good, but it’s just something that people say to sick people to make them feel good. Or there is a missing qualifier. “You look really good  [for a sick person that is].

Hmm. Maybe I’ll try putting on some make-up that makes me look gray and pasty and see what happens.


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