Ultra Sounds Monday, April 9, 2012

Today’s submission is a poem by Julie Maloney from her wonderful chapbook, Private Landscape (if you live in Toronto, she donated a copy to the Princess Margaret Hospital Library). The chapbook centers around her journey through breast cancer. She is well now after traveling through cancer twice – once in 2000 and again in 2003.

Julie is the founder/director of an organization dedicated to supporting women writers called WOMEN READING ALOUD. Please visit: www.womenreadingaloud.org for more information. She also leads writing workshops for cancer patients and their caregivers at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center in NJ.

This is an amazing love poem that resonated deeply with me. I would encourage you to seek out Julie’s chapbook.





He scoops me up off the toilet bowl

    and carries me back to bed

I have fallen asleep again, not deeply,

    but my eyelids are closed

And I cannot move one inch

    from the tissue paper roll


I recognize his hands under my thighs

They are strong and clean

For cutting vegetables in the kitchen

Chopping away the brown spots into the sink


He brings me oatmeal and tea and toast

     with jam

Grills cheese and tomato sandwiches

    and plates them with a pickle

Buys bruschetta and Italian bread to sop up

     the red juice

Never mentions my bald head and round belly


At night he tucks the sheets under my chin

Places the prayer beads in my hands

Climbs next to me in bed

Near the hole in my chest  

5 thoughts on “Ultra Sounds Monday, April 9, 2012

  1. She is so lucky to have a friend, lover, husband who does all of that.

  2. Daniel Shoag says:

    Oh Julie, it brings tears to my eyes. So sad yet so very beautiful.

  3. This touches me deeply. My mother had breast cancer. For several reasons, that changed my life. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

  4. Jane M. says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. This poem touched me. I really appreciate how much you feature art and creativity. Things that sustain, encourage, highlight beauty. Thank you!

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