Tuesdays at the chemo unit, April 10, 2012

Overnight it seems as if the drivers and cyclists of Toronto were transformed into rude and agressive warriors. It was bizarre this morning on my drive to have close call after close call with drivers who were just in too much of a hurry to wait for a space in traffic. I’m not usually curmudgeonly about traffic, but this morning I felt like there was something in the air. It started me off in a sour mood.

Once on foot, I took a different route to the hospital. Instead of weaving my way through the back streets of Chinatown, I walked along Dundas street and passed by the sweeping facade of the new Art Gallery of Ontario. Looking down at me from the pillars were posters advertising a Picasso exhibit and a Frido Kahlo/Diego Rivera exhibit. As I passed under the luscious images of these extraordinary painters, I felt nourished and hopeful again. Sometimes I forget how much art feeds us and it takes a giant poster of great art to remind me of that truism.

Because of this revelation, when I arrived at Princess Margaret I truly noticed the care that was taken to include art in the hospital. There are beautiful paintings on the walls. If you look down from the glass elevators to the basement floor clinic, there is a wood and stone arrangement that looks like a small stream. The new chemo unit uses artistic design features to make it feel less institutional. Today, more than ever, I noticed these little bits of “food” left in the hospital to feed us patients and was extra appreciative.

Coincidentally, I also received in my inbox the first submission to Ultra Sounds of a painting – oh and what a great painting it is (This is just the teaser, however. You’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before getting any more details). It seemed that art was speaking to me from everywhere.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and may you enjoy many works of art in your life today.


One thought on “Tuesdays at the chemo unit, April 10, 2012

  1. A-Ling says:

    Arts & Science, yin and yan, birth and death, it’s all about the balancing act in the cosmic….one can’t do without the other. Soo good that we have the eyes for the arts, the understanding to appreciate a good book, the heart to embrace someone’s expression in various forms. Enjoy the precious inspirations that you take time to share with us. Talents aren’t owned, it’s shared. Hopeful beats hopeless, let’s choose joy. Thankyou Sam.

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