The gold mine within

I belong to several online writing groups. Today I came across a treasure. The contributor, John Ngugi, wrote the following:

“…each person is like a gold mine that needs to be exploited. Since it is not possible for anybody else to come inside our mental faculties to mine the treasures, writing then becomes a vent through which the outside world can have a glimpse of what lies within each one of us.”

I just love this. To me it is a beautiful way of describing why we write and read.  When we can see a glimpse of the treasures in the mind of another, we can better develop our empathy and understanding of the different kinds of people around us.  Thus reading expands our world in many more ways than just giving us facts.

I believe the same could be said about art or any creative outlet, which is why I think the creative submissions to Ultra Sounds are important. They give us insights into other people’s ‘gold mines’ and help us understand the worlds of people  struggling with deep illness.

Enjoy your weekend!


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