The power of literature


Check out this fantastic keynote address by Arlaina Tibensky for the National English Honor Society induction ceremony. It will make you swoon with happiness in its recognition and celebration of the importance of literature in our lives.

Here’s an excerpt:

One day you might be 37 years old, sitting in a Laundromat and remember a scene from a book, a stanza from a poem, a line from a play that will grab you by the throat, whisper in your ear, massage your shoulders and it will make you feel more alive than you have ever felt- connected and strong and devastated and engaged with everything in a way that takes your breath away- at the exact same moment everyone else at the Laundromat is watching their towels spin in the dryer.  Or checking their Twitter accounts.

Doesn’t it just set your hearts a fluttering?


One thought on “The power of literature

  1. immiller says:

    What a wonderful inspirational talk for those lucky students! I’ve passed the link on to my friends at the Stratford Public Library…thank you Sam!

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