tutus and tutus

Check out these incredible photographs by Brian Mengini as part of the Empowered ME project. In his own words:

Empowered ME is a photographical series dedicated to those battling cancer ~ men and women alike.

This series, using dancers as symbols, will look to portray many of the qualities of these warriors fighting this evil disease.






Using dancers as a vehicle for this project seemed inevitable. Not just because of my own work, but if you look at their body of work and all that they represent and traits they must possess in order to do their jobs, I can find no better representation for this.
By design, they portray grace, strength, at times vulnerability, but also must show courage, determination and poise. So, it was a clear choice.

Story behind the series:

Also watch a video of the making of the photoshoot



On a different note, also take a look at the Tutu Project. Bob Carey takes pictures of himself in a pink tutu all over the world to raise money for breast cancer.  The pictures are fantastic and whimsical. You can purchase prints to help fund the publication of his book Ballerina.

2 thoughts on “tutus and tutus

  1. Another great story told and good promotion with the pink tutu.

  2. Thank you so much!!! Its an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as Bob!

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