Ultra Sounds Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello and good day on this hot and sticky day in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Today’s submission is a drawing with accompanying text from a chapbook by Julianne Davis of the U.K. . You can read the whole chapbook at  http://issuu.com/outmastirie/docs/9thaprilpdf  I like the juxtaposition of the airy, la-di-daa title and picture set against the image of mutating cancer cells and the strong ending statement.

Julianne’s bio:

My Cancer Cells Are Beautiful is the title of an expression of feelings, thoughts and dreams through poetry and art, upon my diagnosis of cancer.

I was born in Bristol, United Kingdom. I am a mother to two children.


My Cancer Cells Are Beautiful

by Julianne Davis



This was the first picture I drew

after finishing my treatment.


One day I was looking at some pictures

of cancer cells and I

was thinking how beautiful

they looked.


The way they moved, mutated and


A stunning catalyst of cells,

dispersing like shooting stars,

mutating everything it touches.


I hate you.

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