Ultra Sounds Monday, June 25, 2012

Good morning all,

Since I have a little pull with the moderator of this blog, I decided to post one of my own poems for today’s submission.

I wrote this poem after stumbling across an old picture of myself on a canoe trip before becoming ill.  I was blinded by the memory of once being strong enough to carry a heavy backpack along a three kilometre portage. I had forgotten that once upon a time, I wasn’t sick. Here was proof. The poem reflects the mixture of emotions I felt in response to this picture.






The Girl with the Backpack


The picture is a little fuzzy

She didn’t want to be photographed

The large backpack was heavy

The long portage waited

“Just take the picture already”

Tall and strong

Long hair pulled back

With the wisps blowing in the breeze

She was ready to hack it off

So heavy and hot

Not knowing that a few years later

Chemotherapy would do the job for her.


She couldn’t know this would be the last trip

That her changing body wouldn’t allow her to go

to that place of deep quiet and true darkness anymore

She was a bit crabby that day

Maybe it was that time of the month

The chemotherapy claimed that too

Something she never thought she would miss

You want to tell that girl to shape up

To stop whining about the heat and mosquitoes

To pay close attention

So that she could replay the details later


I would like to be her again

Just for a day

To remember what was:

the smell of green

The cool silkiness of the water on bare skin

The clarity of the stars at night

The feel of paddle in hand

Traveling away and away


Yet for all of her physical vitality

She was a frail creature on the inside


She was easily led away from herself

She writhed with self-consciousness

Avoided the hard things

And felt herself always on shifting sands.

She didn’t know how to be her.


She is stronger now

With fortitude she never imagined

Grounded like a tree

Yes she would like to hide in her old self a while

Trade up for a healthy body

But would not sacrifice the hard-earned sturdiness

that helps her now come back from the woods and face the future.

9 thoughts on “Ultra Sounds Monday, June 25, 2012

  1. Rena says:

    Powerful and expressive Sam. Love and light, Rena

  2. Paul Shilton says:

    Beautiful bit of writing Sam.

  3. I so relate to this poem of yours, Sam. Painful and beautiful and way real. xo Viola

  4. Jim Barnes says:

    Hello Sam
    This is a wonderful poem. The realization that life can change so quickly is a reminder for us all. Pat

  5. Kirosa says:

    For a moment my emotional tears set in from visualizing (living in) your thoughts of composing this powerful and touching poem. Thank you for sharing your writing talents and inner strengths, always. Kirosa

  6. Andrea Griggs says:

    Lovely Sam!

  7. Betty says:

    Thank you for this beautiful poem, Sam. I feel the same way.

  8. Cheryl Pinkus says:

    Oh Sam. I am so glad that you are writing this beautiful blog.

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