Ultra Sounds Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome back everyone! It’s a fresh new fall and I’m eager to be back in blogging mode again. The summer has been filled with fun and some exciting new projects and connections, many of which will unfold throughout the fall on Ultra Sounds.

But to the business at hand. Today is Monday and that means it’s the day I get to share a submission with you. For the first submission of the season I am delighted to share our first musical contribution.

Take a moment now to stop what you are doing, put aside the rest of your emails, minimize Facebook, shut the door and close your eyes to enjoy this jewel from Dan.  I have connected with Dan through his website Create Beyond Cancer. Our overlapping interests made it inevitable that we would eventually find each other. Do take a look at the site and see what Dan is up to both in terms of the site itself and his work in the community.

Remember now, close your eyes and create the space in your day to fully enjoy this little piece.




In Dan’s own words:

It was lovely to be asked the other week by Sam to submit something on her blog. I believe it will be the first musical contribution. As both an architect and singer, I feel my life has been a full and enriched one. Being creative has brought me into contact with many interesting people from different walks of life. I have been living with cancer since May 2010. Since being diagnosed I have wanted, if at all possible, to remain creative.
There are many examples of people remaining creative whilst living with cancer. One personal example for me is the composer Gerald Finzi. Whilst living with cancer he continued to compose some beautiful songs. In fact I believe his creativity increased after his diagnosis. I find singing his songs and those by other composers helps me cope and reaches out to others.
Recently I gave a concert during the day with Kathy my pianist for the patients, carers and visitors at a hospital in Berlin. They have a piano outside the oncology ward in a large spacious corridor with good acoustics. The following is a song selected from a recording I made that day. It isn’t a very good recording but manages to capture the moment. The song is in german and by Schubert and is called ‘Der Neugerige’, which means curiosity, and comes from the song cycle ‘Die Schöne Müllerin’. In short, the youth in the song is asking the brook that powers the mill wheel whether the miller’s daughter loves him. I hope you enjoy the short song.
Thank you for listening

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