Tuesdays at the chemo unit, September 4, 2012

I drove to the hospital today just as students were on their way to the first day of school.

Parents walked hand in hand with young children. Some of the children bounced along chatting with great animation. Some looked downcast as if they were being taken to prison. Still others just had a quiet, brave look on their faces.

I saw high school girls sauntering into their schoolyard, preening over their new ‘look’ and greeting their buddies with hugs and cries of “Oh my god, you look so good.”

The university students were on their bikes or walking with backpacks slung over one shoulder, sipping  lattes and looking cool.

There is an energy on the first day of school that permeates all enterprises. It feels like a day of purpose; a day of new beginnings. I think this would be a better time of year to make new resolutions than January 1. There is momentum to make change. It’s in the air.

Maybe this is the year I will buckle down and work harder. Maybe this is the year I will read War and Peace. Maybe this is the year I will make it to my appointments on time. Maybe this is the year I’ll give up french fries. Anything seems possible right now.

Of course I started my day by sleeping in and locking myself out of my mother’s apartment – a double whammy that caused me to be late to the hospital.


Okay, I’ll start my resolutions tomorrow. Pass the french fries.



2 thoughts on “Tuesdays at the chemo unit, September 4, 2012

  1. I like your idea of making our resolutions today for the year, I too although not a student in the academic sense anymore feel the first day back is still the beginning of the new year. Too bad your day had two hiccups. Don’t ever give up on french fries just eat them less frequently.

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