Art for Cancer Foundation Gala

The Art for Cancer Foundation in Toronto continues to be very active. You can follow them (and even better you can like them on Facebook – they are trying to reach 500 ‘likes’).

A gala evening is being held on October 27th as a major fundraiser for the programs that they run. View their website for more information. You could have a gourmet meal, entertainment and dancing and raise money for a good cause.

The next workshop with acrylic paints is September 24 in Toronto. For more information follow this link.

And most exciting (because it has to do with me of course) is the upcoming publication of the book In Their Words, Through  Their Eyes, By Their Hands. This book is a collection of  art and writing from participants and supporters of the Art for Cancer Foundation Programs.  And yes, you will find my painting and one of my poems in this book (and yes I am happy to autograph as many copies as you want.) Here is the trailer for the book (This link will also take you to further information)


One thought on “Art for Cancer Foundation Gala

  1. A-Ling says:

    Sam, I am so fortunate to know you, your boundless energies in helping others is truly amazing. To enjoy reading the stories and soaking in the emotions through the arts In Their Words, Through Their Eyes, By Their Hands with your autograph, that is just too good to be true.

    The music in the video captures my senses; the love of life, the freedom of letting go is so beautifully presented. This book will help many to remove “despair” from their situations one page at a time. Thank you kindly to all the authors, artists, technicians, volunteers behind the scene for putting your breathtaking inspiration together.

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