Ultra Sounds Monday, Sept 24, 2012

Happy Monday all,

This week I am happy to present another painting by Gina Duque. I hope you all went to take a look at her website after the last submission. If not, please do take a look at the many wonderful ways in which she sees the world.





In her own words:

About the Artist

Whether it’s through prints like ‘Calypso’ or paintings like ‘Eukarya’, the essence of my work stems from creating mystical images inspired by cellular biology, the concept of healing and my interest in exploring the spiritual connection between the body and mind. I am currently using images derived from medical imaging technology to portray cells, tissues and systems of the human body.

During the last two and a half years of my cancer treatment, creating artworks has become a therapeutic and fulfilling process, eventually evolving into a spiritual and mindful practice.

Gina Duque is an emerging artist currently attending the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario for her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree. Originally from Cali, Colombia, she immigrated to Canada with her mother at the age of eleven to Walkerton, Ontario.


About ‘Rebirth ‘

‘Rebirth’ is an abstract painting inspired by the Phoenix, a mythical creature that ignites on fire at the end of its life cycle and arises from its ashes to be reborn again. This is a powerful piece that for me signifies closing a painful, yet wisdom filled period in my life where I’ve gained so many life lessons not only from this experience but also from the many courageous, inspiring cancer patients I have met along the way. Now taking the ashes of my last chapter to construct another, I begin anew feeling stronger than ever with a renewed perspective on life that has truly enabled me to live life to its fullest.


One thought on “Ultra Sounds Monday, Sept 24, 2012

  1. A-Ling says:

    Hi Sam, I recognize “Rebirth”; it’s in the upcoming book In Their Words, Through Their Eyes, By Their Hands.
    Art therapy is powerful. The program IMAP (Integrated Mood & Anxiety Program) offered by Homewood Mental Health Centre, the medical specialists there incorporate the process of art therapy to their patients to assess their mental conditions, I think!!! How do I know? Holding my head up high, I was there as a patient in this 8-week IMAP.
    As an alumni of UWO Honours in Visual Arts, my best wishes to Gina DuQue’s journey in creating art. I love Gina’s abstract paintings, they are timeless.
    Looking forward to the arrival of the book! Yes, “live life to its fullest” like Gina said. Arts and Humanities; Stories and Creative Poem Writings, I am sure I will 100% enjoy them all in this book!

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