Belly Laugh Friday

As most of you know, my strange illness has given me a belly that makes me look about seven months pregnant. After so many years I have been able to find the humour both in the queries and the responses I give to the queries.  Sometimes I actually look forward to bizarre responses because they make such good stories. Belly-laugh Fridays is my chance to share these humorous tidbits with all of you. Enjoy.






Some of you might be wondering how I came to estimate my belly size as it compares to a pregnant belly. I have certainly done some research by stationing myself next to pregnant women of different sizes, but the clincher for me was this conversation between myself and a young man mopping up at a fast food restaurant.

Young man: “I bet you are seven months pregnant.”

Me: “Oh, really, how did you guess that?”

Young man: “I took a course in high school on all that and I did really well.”


There you have it, an expert opinion. I’ve never looked back . Seven months it is.

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