My apologies for neglecting you my dear Ultra Sounds community this past week. I have been very busy, but it was all with good reason.

We had the happiness this past weekend of celebrating my son’s bar mitzvah!! The event itself was brilliant and joyous with many family members and friends to witness this important rite of passage and dance with us in celebration.  Beyond the poignancy of watching our child rise to new heights of leadership and maturity, is the sense of delight and fullness of heart in my having arrived at this day with him after so many years of illness.  Every minute of this event was extra perfect for me, my senses attuned to capture it all. My energy was in full swing and I was one of the last ones on the dance floor.

To requote Jupiter’s line from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline that I posted a few weeks ago,

“Whom best I love I cross; to make my gift,/The more delay’d, delighted. /[ ]And happier much by his affliction made.”

Who can say it better than Will. The gift was more delightful indeed.


We will return to regular programming in the next few days as I slowly come back down to earth.



3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Gorgeous, Sam. You, the Bar Mitzvah, life, your way of celebrating and expressing it, Everything.

  2. Samantha congratulations on your son’s barmitzvah. So happy you were feeling great would love to see some photos. Hope to see you soon before I close up shop.

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