Cleaning Up

In my trolling through the web, I often come across interesting tidbits to share. Here are some of the things I’ve stumbled across lately.


Learn more about the Art Cure Diaries, a book about a breast cancer awareness art project.


Here’s another clever ad, to raise awareness about breast cancer in men.


Check out this  music video by a young cancer patient. I love the way these young people put themselves out there.


A creative public service announcement to encourage women to do breast self-examinations.


Here’s a fun link to a past event. It’s a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Foundation – a fashion show of clothes designed by famous designers ….all made from toilet paper! Here’s a short video documentary about the show.


This has nothing to do with cancer, but everything to do with creativity and world peace.  Here’s to more dancing in the world.


And then, just for fun and more dancing…. Here are the Resolutionaries (long live marimba!)

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