Ultra Sounds Mondays, October 22, 2012

I was pleased to find a beautiful poem in my inbox from Emily Lasinsky of Pennsylvania, USA.  This poem makes me want to meet her remarkable grandmother.  I will let Emily speak in her own words. Enjoy.


Emily Lasinsky is an emerging artist and writer from Indiana, PA. She has a deep passion for creating art and writing, and believes these expressive practices play an essential role in shaping the self.  She is currently a graduate student pursuing her M.A. degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and she hopes to use these expressive forms when counseling others in the future. Her artwork has been published by Touch: The Journal of Healing. Her poetry has been published in The Commonline Journal.

My connection to cancer:                            

My grandmother (father’s side) is a thyroid cancer survivor. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor. My grandmother (mother’s side), whom I am very close to, is currently battling breast cancer. I wrote “Lessons of Bare Surfaces and Pink Suitcases” as a way to express my want to help and be there for her, yet feeling that I could never repay her for what she has given me. This poem was something I could give her.


Lessons of Bare Surfaces and Pink Suitcases

By Emily Lasinsky

Taken aback.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen the effects,

Would have never known the difference,

No change in spirit.

Curls are no more,

Instead, a shiny, bare surface,

But you are not of this surface,

And there is nothing bare within.

My eyes swell-a common drill,

Leaking liquid soldiers that fight my troubles.

But today-they fight for you.

They meet your deep, pink suitcases,

Oh, the weight they must carry.

Wish I could carry that weight.

You tell me not to cry, to get a hold of myself,

But I can’t-I want to hold you.

Thoughts of gratefulness,

Desire to repay all the love you’ve given me.

To bottle it up and release it just when you need it the most.

Yet, in all your trials,

Your focus in still on me.

Undeserving me.

There’s something that you see that hasn’t quite come into my scope,

Although I believe I’m beginning to understand,

You already possess the perspective of faith and hope.

A lens that can only be produced through experience and pain,

One that becomes clearer as we struggle to make losses gains.

While I may not be able to fully grasp such concepts in my own life, you have set an inspirational example, and I want share with you some things you may not see:

The radiation is no match for the radiance of your soul,

Shining through big brown eyes and smiles after prayers,

Creating conversations with those you meet along your journey,

Sharing laughter that can cut through any disease,

no matter how thick the layers.

Some hear the word cancer and think, “This is the end,”

But you thought, “This is the beginning of something I will get through.”

Though you recognize it is not easy, you still keep going, moving forward

even on the bad days.

You are a symbol of hope

and proof,

That those with Cancer

Not only Can survive,

But they can develop a new perspective,

One in which they not only live, but thrive.

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