Hot off the press

The new Art for Cancer Foundation book is ready to order!

In Their Words Through Their Eyes, By Their Hands can be ordered through Blurb. This book is a collection of works that were on display at Toronto City Hall last February. Many of the works were generated in the Art for Cancer workshops offered throughout the city.

There’s some beautiful art work in this volume (and a little piece by moi). Please do consider ordering one for yourself, one for a friend and one for your local cancer hospital.

In the words of the Art for Cancer Foundation website:

In February 2012, the ART for Cancer Foundation held a week long exhibit at Toronto City Hall with the goal of continuing to raise awareness of the power of the creative process as a healing force.

The art exhibit was a wonderful kaleidoscope of colour, texture, shapes, and images, each uniquely demonstrating the healing power of art. Many participants shared their personal stories, which brought a level of depth and meaning far beyond the aesthetics of the art.

There were so many incredible stories of courage and hope that the one week exhibit did not do them justice! This book is a collection of their stories- in their own words, and their art – through their eyes and by their hands.


If you live in the Toronto area, the Foundation is offering all sorts of cool workshops this month.




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