More creative

Dear Readers,

Ultra Sounds Mondays is on hold for a while. But in the meantime,  I look forward to carrying on with the conversation. You will continue to find here reflections on my own experiences as well as the creative activities of others that I am fortunate enough to discover.  Today I have some wonderful gems to share. Enjoy!





Take a look at this amazing show of art work from young people with cancer. It’s organized by a group called the Middle East Cancer Coalition. If anything has a hope of bringing about peace in the middle east it is this kind of collaboration towards a common cause.




I’ve seen several creative bra art shows, but this show from Brazil is my favourites.



You can now view the winners of the 2012 Arts Awards of Cancer Council Victoria (Australia) and vote for the people’s choice awards.


The Max Foundation also has a yearly international art competition. See the Colors of Hope Gallery for some amazing art and messages from artists around the world.


And just for fun, here’s a link to Leo Sewells’s wonderful art made from junk.

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