Ultra Sounds: My Creative Exploration of the Illness Experience

Dear readers,

Lately I have been reflecting on how I can best use this space. I started this blog as a result of my own positive experience with creativity as an outlet for dealing with a critical cancer-like illness. Over the last year-and-a-half I have been delighted with the submissions from around the world and the new connections I have made. I have discovered a world rich with people turning the pain and anxiety of their illnesses into beautiful and thoughtful creative pieces.

As I become more focused on my own writing I am  interested in sharing my personal thoughts both about my experience with the illness and my experience with the writing process. So it is time, again, to shift the focus of Ultra Sounds.

I will continue to discuss my experience at the chemo unit and provide the occasional belly laugh. I will also continue to share creative resources that I discover on the Internet. I will be discontinuing Ultra Sounds Mondays, but will still accept and post submissions as I receive them.

What will be new is that I will focus more on sharing with you the insights and questions that are emerging through my writing. Rooting around in my illness experience has raised some interesting issues for me. Additionally, it feels a bit like an anthropological experience to be entering the world of creative writing as a relative newbie. This experience I would also like to share.

So please welcome the new blog:

Ultra Sounds: My Creative Exploration of the Illness Experience

You may wonder where the word ‘cancer’ has gone from the title. My experience with amyloidosis is, indeed, reflective of the experience of some cancer patients. I attend a cancer hospital, I go to the chemo unit, the treatments I receive are similarly used by patients with multiple myeloma, the nearest cancer relative to amyloidosis. I think, however, that the experience of deep illness ranges beyond the world of cancer and I would like to crack open the discussion to include a more diverse expression of illness.

I hope you continue to enjoy this new and improved version. As always, your engagement in the conversation is encouraged.

All the best


5 thoughts on “Ultra Sounds: My Creative Exploration of the Illness Experience

  1. Thank you, Sam, for your inspirational writings and musings. Wishing you all the best each and every day. You are a wonder…Love to you.
    Julie Maloney, Director of WOMEN READING ALOUD

  2. A-Ling says:

    Quoted from Gandhian wisdom, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Sam, you’re amazing! With gratitude, your insightful questions and findings always take us to some “wow” moments.

  3. Hi Samantha. Marianne at the hotdog stand gave me your name. She told me to introduce myself to you as I am a comedian and a cancer survivor who has a one person show talking about my experiences with adversity, much like you in this blog. My website is http://www.marlalukofsky.com and my email address is mmlukofsky7@aol.com Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts. All the best. Marla

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