Wednesday at the chemo unit, January 2, 2013




Happy New Year to all!

2013. It’s an awesome number to be writing. I was diagnosed in 2000, 13 years ago.

In the Jewish tradition, a boy or girl reaching the age of 13 enters into their adulthood (as celebrated with the Bar or Bat Mitzvah.) So this would mean that my illness is entering its mature years.

An adolescent who turns 13 is not really an adult yet. He or she still lives at home, is financially dependent and can’t fully participate in civil society. They usually do gain some autonomy, however, and start to act more like an adult.

Likewise, my disease is still living at home and is dependent on me for life. At the same time, it’s gained some autonomy. It can go out without me. It does not completely absorb me. It is my disease, it is not me.

Ideally, this gradual separation will one day result in the disease leaving home. But we all know that the trend these days is for kids to  return home to live with their parents when they can’t get a job. Maybe mine will go to medical school and look after me in my old age.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday at the chemo unit, January 2, 2013

  1. Marianne Moroney says:

    Happy New Year and I do hope your disease gets accepted into med school and takes care of you.

    Marianne Moroney Sent from my iPhone

  2. On the bat mitzvah of your disease … mazel tov! May it be so successful that it doesn’t need you anymore.

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