Belly Laugh Friday – Feb 1, 2013

As most of you know, my strange illness has given me a belly that makes me look about seven months pregnant. After so many years I have been able to find the humour both in the queries and the responses I give to the queries.  Sometimes I actually look forward to bizarre responses because they make such good stories. Belly-laugh Fridays is my chance to share these humorous tidbits with all of you. Enjoy.


Two weeks ago I was at the blood lab having my blood work drawn by a young man I had never seen before. We chatted and, of course, he asked me the question, “When are you due?” I apprised him of my situation and he seemed not at all put off by his mistake.

He giggled and said, “Oh, I was going to congratulate you.”

I laughed as well and said, “Well, you can go ahead and congratulate me on my big liver.”

We were firm friends after that.

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