Tuesdays at the chemo unit, February 12, 2013


Well life at the chemo unit is uneventful today. I’m in for the long iron infusion today, but it’s going quickly and I have a cozy little cubicle to myself.

Yesterday I had an appointment at another hospital with one of my many specialists. In the bathroom, as I sat down on the toilet, I noticed an interesting sign:

“Attention: Please put paper towel in the waste basket and not on the floor.”

This sign plagued me and I considered its significance. I came to two possible conclusions. Maybe there was a great trend of people putting their paper towel on the floor. They just weren’t sure what to do and now that there is a sign, they have seen the light and always put their paper in the basket. The other option is that there is someone working at the clinic who really likes and believes in the use of signs.

The second conclusion was fortified when I stood up and saw another sign behind the toilet. “Attention: Please flush the toilet with your hand and not your foot in this place.” Hmmm. Most of the patients I saw out in that waiting room could barely lift their feet up stairs much less do the contortions that would be necessary to flush with their feet. How would one even know if toilets were being flushed with feet?

If people really are throwing their paper towels on the floor will the sign change their behaviour? Why do they throw it in the floor? Perhaps instead of writing that sign, the sign writer should spend more time in the bathroom figuring out why people throw paper towel on the floor.

Of course we need signs. I want to know not to enter a one-way street the wrong way or to know if I’ve arrived at Yonge st., but I think signs often reflect the personality of the sign writer more than they reflect an ¬†actual need.

I looked around for more signs. I thought there might be others like, “Attention: please turn on the taps with your hands and not your nose in this place.” or “Attention: Please pee into the toilet and not the garbage can.” You never know.


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